In addition to preserving life stories with my custom Heritage Keepers Videos, Photography as Art is my passion.... Capturing and preserving an essence, a moment in time, an idea, a journey... 

After learning, experimenting & exploring different types of photography I found myself still wanting more... much more... more of an ability to express what I envision...  

So, I moved into enhancing and creating pieces in a different style... more than simple images... pieces that are more intriguing, that speak to the heart, soul and mind... one of a kind pieces of Art. 

The Creation Process... My Limited Edition and Open Edition pieces are all original images taken by me. Many of my pieces I put through an enhancing and editing process. Some I have incorporated ten or more layers to create a one of a kind piece. 


The Journey... I have always had a natural gift for composition and color which has been expressed through different mediums including decorating, hand built pottery, different crafts & music composition.  I did not know what "composition" or the rule of thirds was, I just did it naturally.  I thought everyone had the same ability.  

My interest in photography started was when I was a child.  I set up a little darkroom in my closet with a starter photography development kit. Unfortunately, on my salary of zero (I was a child) I could not afford the replacement chemicals.  Still my interest remained.  So, when I became an adult, and made a little more than zero for a salary, I bought a Minolta film camera (which I still have), some filters, close up lenses and started experimenting with it.  My adventure truly was experimental, not knowing what I was doing.  It gave me great joy and I had a lot of fun doing it, capturing and creating some cool shots.  

After a spur of the moment trip to the Northwest, I was invited to participate in a photo contest with my image of Mt. Rainier Reflection Lake, taken crouched down shooting through the wildflowers with my little point and shoot.  I was competing against a lot of beautiful images shot with DSLRs, so I was shocked when they called to tell me I took first place! That catapulted me into becoming more serious about my photography.  

Using my little point and shoot I taught myself how to use the limited manual controls.  Using the manual controls allowed me to gain more skills, and to create special effects using slow shutter speeds, moving the camera in different directions, etc.  It also enabled me to get some difficult shots (such as in dark caverns) and capture some of the compositions I envisioned.    

Shortly however, I discovered I was confined to what I could capture with my little point and shoot.  I wanted to capture what I saw in my mind's eye.  So, biting the bullet, I bought my first DSLR... and... wow! Although a little daunting at first, with learning all the controls and the different aspects of photography, it really opened up a whole new world of what I could capture and create.  

Much to my amazement people wanted to purchase my images! Which led to them being shown and sold through a couple of galleries.  

As I continued to explore different types of photography, I worked at Disney as a photographer gaining more experience and served as secretary for a local photo club.  

Clients are always very happy with my work (you can read their comments here), which brings me great joy. 

Still, I was looking for more...  

During the editing process for my shoots I continually feel drawn to create more out of my images, to create something different, unique.  This led me to start creating pieces using multiple layers, sometimes more than ten layers in a piece.  Creating one of a kind pieces of Art.   

Please take a few moments to explore my galleries.  I have so enjoyed the journey, and I hope you do too...


I still offer Select Portrait and Custom Sessions, as well as Life Story Videos.  Providing quality work for clients, and the joy it brings them, is extremely satisfying and warms my soul!  

If you are interested in a session please contact me to discuss your needs. Check out my Client Galleries for some examples of my work.