Where Image Meets Imagination


Transforming Traditional Photography into Beautiful Photographic Art


~The Journey~

My photographic journey began as a child in Virginia, developing simple photos in the closet of my bedroom. Years later, after learning, experimenting and exploring different genres of photography I found myself longing for more.  I was searching for a way to express the essence, the feeling, the moment in time... to create something beyond the photographic image that was before me.  As my craft grew I found myself intensely drawn to innovative and artistic editing which has allowed me the ability and freedom to enhance and create pieces of art in my own style. 

 ~The Creation Process~

My pieces are composed of original images, all taken by me.  My Fine Art pieces are crafted, undergoing a creative metamorphosis generated from my inner spirit.  This detailed process may take months to complete. By incorporating multiple layers of dismantling, enhancing and combining I am able to create a new canvas with a stronger emotional fabric, resulting in a new dynamic & unique piece, more harmonious with my artistic vision.  I am constantly learning & exploring as my art continues to evolve. 

 ~Other Services~

I provide Creative Custom Portrait Services, as well as Composite Art for clients.  I consider it a gift and a privilege to provide quality pieces for clients.  Knowing they are pleased by their appreciative comments brings me true joy!


My photography and fine art creations have been available through galleries in Virginia and Florida as well as  my website.